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Progressive Gardens was founded in 2002 with the simple idea to help people grow the best food and plants possible and live organically.

We believe everyone can improve their personal health and wellness by organically growing and maintaining a garden and a yard that is affordable, nutrient dense and free of weeds, pests and disease.

People understand why now is the time for "organic living".

Nevertheless… fundamental questions…

  • How and where to get started?
  • What to do next?
  • Is Organic Gardening affordable?
  • …are obstacles that challenge aspiring gardeners and seasoned professionals alike.

    Our solution is simple: equal parts of knowledge, experience, products and support.

    With over thirty years of 'green industry' and agricultural experience think of us as your growing consultant, providing the educational tools and guidance you need to grow the BEST garden of your life!

    We work in all areas of agriculture and horticulture, from beginners with a single container on their deck and indoor hydroponic growers to large nurseries and commercial farms, regardless of climate or conditions. We can help you grow with success all year round. is proud to be part of your garden, offering over 1,000 products, competitive pricing, same day shipping and outstanding customer service.

    In our retail store in Wilmington, North Carolina, and at our sister companies, Progressive Farms and Vortex Brewer® , we develop, test and use these gardening products and supplies every day, and in our backyards too.

    And we eat what we grow.

    Progressive provides you with clear holistic growing advice using cutting edge gardening techniques plus the products and supplies you need to grow the BEST garden of your life!

    Thanks for visiting us here at Progressive Gardens. We look forward to getting to know you better and doing business in ways that help your garden prosper as you and your family "live organically".

    If you have any questions, ideas or comments, Contact Us.   If you know exactly what you're looking for, head on over to our Online Store!   Otherwise, take a tour of our site and let us know what you think.

    Live Organically!

    Evan Folds, President
    Progressive Gardens, Inc.
    Wilmington, North Carolina

    Consider this…

    Modern agriculture and horticulture are controlled by economic forces, including industry and governments, that seek to produce food and plants at the lowest possible costs with little regard for consumers' long term health and wellness.

    As a result, the food we eat… the water we drink… the lawns and landscapes we enjoy… have all lost much of their natural nutrition and life sustaining forces.

    Moreover, the artificial pesticides, insecticides and herbicides used everywhere from farms and nurseries to our front yards and back yards carry with them serious health consequences for everyone.

    Food preservative chemicals and processes carry a different set of known health risks.

    In many ways, we've lost our connections to food, the land and nature.

    At Progressive Gardens, we recognize that people understand the necessity for change. .. that the way we have done things in the past now no longer serves us.

    Our Grower's Guide  outlines step by step the pathways to dynamic gardening success.

    In our Blog, you'll find current news and commentary on key gardening, health and lifestyle topics.

    In our Knowledge Tree Forum, you can connect with other progressive gardeners and exchange tips, tricks and ideas.

    In addition, our monthly email newsletter The Progress Report  puts much of the same information on your desktop…

    …and our Ask A Gardener  support connections provides you with answers to your specific gardening questions.

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